Welcome to Our Garden Website


Welcome to the website of the Morrisville Community Gardens!

This is a project that is still in its seed stage. The idea is to provide our residents and guests with a unique park setting where native Pennsylvania plants are preserved and showcased along side of raised bed fruit and vegetable gardens.

The proposal for this garden was presented to our Borough Council on June 11, 2014, as a part of a Comprehensive Parks plan presented by the Morrisville Environmental Advisory Board. (Note: The prepared statement introducing this project is also available.)

If you are interested in supporting this project, or better yet, becoming a member of this project, please sign up to be notified by email for future updates of this website. This will be the location where project updates, milestones, and statuses will be posted.

Your support for this project is vital and your thoughts and ideas are essential to its success.


Is it too late?

Good Morning Garden Friends and Supporters,
As this summer is quickly coming to an end, so too are our hopes for creating the Morrisville Botanical and Community Gardens.

For seven weeks now Borough Council has remained completely silent on the project – a project that has the potential to draw praise, recognition and tourists to our Borough, and more importantly, to make a fresh start rebuilding a desperately needed sense of community among our neighbors.

I have recently been informed, by one of our neighbors who is very familiar with the plans and activities at Williamson Park, that demolition at the pool site will include the destruction of the concrete pads and the buildings along N. Delmorr Ave. These features were critical components that, in their absence, will prohibit our ability to provide garden access for people with mobility handicaps and to protect the gardens from wildlife and possible vandalism.

It is troubling to me to see the failure of Council to even contact me personally so that I might, with your help, offer other alternatives to their demolition plans. If Council had clearly stated their concerns and intentions, we could have spent the past several weeks actively fundraising to cover the additional expenses that will be necessary to make this site a safe and functional location for the gardens.

The reasons behind Council’s silence and inaction are unknown to us. Unlike the residents and elected officials of so many of our neighboring towns, perhaps our Council found it difficult to understand and appreciate the very real value that this garden would have provided to the residents and guests of our Borough. Perhaps they underestimate the desire, dedication and support that our garden members and volunteers had pledged, along side of so many of our local businesses, to make this garden a success.

Regardless of motive, when the Elected choose to remain silent, the Electorate will certainly lose. Without a doubt the Public will lose control of their government. They will lose the rewards of the systems of open debate and exchange of ideas. They will lose access to valuable resources and beneficial outcomes from their taxes and their voluntary efforts. And in this particular case We will lose a wonderful opportunity to form a cohesive community.

What does seem apparent is that Council never had any true interest in adopting the Gardens project. No Council member has ever stepped up to say that they would sponsor this project, let alone, fight for it. No Council member has requested the formation of an advisory board to research the needs of the project further, and likewise, to serve as a liaison between Council, MEAC, Parks and Public Works. No Council member has publicly promoted the project to the residents of Morrisville. No Council member has identified themselves as having signed up for our web site to follow the ongoing efforts of the garden supporters or to examine the additional documentation provided here.

These, to me, are an ominous sign of the continuing dissolution of a meaningful government, that is, a government that is proactively engaged with its citizens and one that continues to seek ways to build a better future for us all. These are core issues that go beyond taxes and budgets. These are troubling lapses that fail to encourage the involvement of our fellow citizens and will continue to fail as long as we have a government that becomes ever more complacent in their roles as leaders and increasingly content with minimizing meaningful communication with the citizens they serve.

Consider this truth: If we don’t have long-term and sustained opportunities to come together as a whole community, one that is not bound or restricted by age, gender, politics, religion or ethnicity, then we have failed as a community.

Is it too late now for us to change the current course that our Borough Council has set? I would like to know your thoughts.

Support from Local Businesses

One of the reasons I chose to live in Morrisville Borough was the uniqueness of having long-term, and even multi-generational, residents. In so many places in the U.S., small, older towns too easily suffer from economic hardships. A soaring cost of living coupled with too few local job opportunities can mean young families can’t afford to stay. Likewise, increasing tax burdens can result in an exodus of residents living on fixed incomes. No doubt this can, and has, happened here in Morrisville to some degree, but through prudent governance, and a resident base that has been determined to assist family and neighbor alike, our Borough has been able to avoid many of the calamities that we have witnessed in small towns elsewhere.

Throughout the years, in times both lean and plenty, the Owner-Operated Businesses in Morrisville have remained and we residents owe these good business people our gratitude, and more importantly, our patronage. When small businesses hit hard times they all too often close up shop or move elsewhere leaving behind desolate streets lined with empty store fronts resulting in added crime and declining home values. But that trend has been resisted by many of the men and women who opened their shops in our Borough and they have kept their doors open to us. Thanks to them we can boast of a better quality of life in comparison to so many other neighboring towns. Importantly, we can still enjoy the option to walk to a local store for our groceries, get the correct parts to maintain our older homes, renew our licenses, repair our cars, eat at a local restaurant, get a haircut, find expert legal advice, clean up our financial accountings, replace our worn out flags to show our patriotism and enjoy a sweet frozen treat after a little league game.

These are not the nameless, faceless corporations simply seeking profit. These are hard working men and women who have invested themselves in their businesses and in our community. Many of these good people are also our neighbors! And like many of our neighbors, they too support our efforts to create the Morrisville Community Gardens. If you are a fan of the garden project, please consider stopping by, saying hello, and making a purchase or appointment for service here in the Borough. I have met each of these good people and each and every one greeted me with a smile, a welcoming handshake, and their expressed dedication to improving our parks with our proposed garden project.

Please review this list of businesses supporting our Gardens and consider them first before you make your next purchases elsewhere.

Wanted: Artists, Musicians and All Lovers of Gardens

Wanted: Artists, Musicians and All Lovers of Gardens

The Morrisville Community Gardens is seeking local artists from Morrisville and our neighboring regions to support our fundraising efforts scheduled for early autumn 2014. An Art Show and Silent Auction featuring Garden Themed works from local artists is being planned. This show would be open to everyone, from students to masters of all ages.

We are also seeking contributions from local musicians to provide live entertainment because – What fun is one art without the other?

If you are an artist of sound, light or space, and you would like to contribute, or learn more about our gardens, please contact us at: morrisvillegardens@gmail.com, AND, please share this with other artist in our area. Spreading the word is one of the most valuable things we need today!

We hope to attract a broad range of artists and art lovers to our event where silent auction proceeds will go to providing support for the creation of the gardens, and in particular, to help us cover the costs of building specially designed garden beds for people with disabilities and children’s garden beds designed to enhance their knowledge of healthy foods, plant life and ecology.

Monet painting in his garden by Renoir. Licensed by Creative Commons.

Monet painting in his garden by Renoir. Licensed by Creative Commons.

Please contact us as soon as possible at: morrisvillegardens@gmail.com. This is our first attempt at this kind of fundraising so we are also seeking experienced individuals to help guide us and offer ideas. If you have some time to share your insight and ideas for this community supported project – we want to hear from you!

Our Gardens: What Could Be, Should Be

If the Morrisville Community Gardens had been started last year, gardeners might now be harvesting these wonderful vegetables: Green Beens, Beets, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Endive, Leeks, Lima Beans, Onions, Peppers, White Potatoes, Radishes, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Turnips, Zucchini and many assorted Herbs.

Harvesting those will free space in the garden beds for planting vegetables now that will be harvested in the fall: Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collards, Kale, Kohlrabi and Spinach.

And after our harvest we could join with our neighbors and enjoy these Native Pennsylvania blooming flowers: Common Milkweed, Sundrops, Black-eyed Susan, Black Cohosh, Wild Geranium, Jacob’s Ladder, Joe-Pye-Weed and Bee-Balm.

All of those, along side of our collections of Native Pennsylvania shrubbery – also in bloom: Mountain Laurel, Rosebay, New Jersey Tea, Staghorn Sumac, Buttonbush, Wild Hydrangea, Ninebark, Summersweet and Elderberry.

As you can see, the month of July in the Morrisville Community Gardens will be filled with natural beauty and very busy gardening families! Smiling children in the gardens working alongside parents and grandparents, neighbors greeting neighbors as a volunteer docent guides visitors through the botanical collections. Each and every one enjoying the bounty of our community efforts! But… this will only happen if you voice your support and join as a member.

If you would like to garden with us, or simply enjoy relaxing in a peaceful park setting surrounded by flowering plants and lush, colorful vegetable gardens then please do these two things:
1) Call Borough Hall at (215) 295-8181 and let them know that you support the Morrisville Community Gardens, and,
2) Email us at morrisvillegardens@gmail.com to sign up as a member.

These gardens cannot become a reality without YOU!